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VENDOR STEWARD - Governance and Measurement

Helping Structure and Maintain Governance for Firms and their Solution Partners


Vendor Steward provides the governance framework to evaluate, choose and monitor your firm’s portfolio of vendor relationships.

Vendor Steward



The New Vendor Due Diligence Process

Choosing the right vendor requires the proper structure, budget and resources. How do vendors differentiate themselves? What metrics are needed to identify potential vendor weaknesses? How do you know when its time to move on?



Managing Your Firm’s Vendors

Regulatory obligations when choosing and managing a portfolio of vendors go beyond simply the scope of security. A vendor maintenance framework includes quantitative measurements and data shared in scorecard form, providing for meaningful conversations that improve existing relationships.

 Beacon Strategies Vendor Steward graphic

Why is the SERVICE vital to you?

Wealth firms have a fiduciary responsibility to monitor their vendors. Mitigating your vendor risk is now a regulatory must-have. Managing your portfolio of vendors is now a competitive recruiting and retention differentiator.

What are the BENEFITS of the Service?

  • Alignment of needs and capabilities
  • Clear, transparent view of the vendor and its performance
  • Framework for effectively managing the vendor portfolio

Vendor STEWARD is so much more than vendor management. Why? Ask us.


“Measure what is measurable, and make measurement what is not so.”

– Galileo