Results that do the talking


While we are obviously in the BD market-space, each of our customers occupies a unique niche requiring a fine-tuned approach to maximizing their returns while reducing their workload. Beacon is right at home with those requirements. Our process rewards those that go through it with results that make real, measurable differences for our clients.

"Beacon is not only an industry knowledge expert, they are also a trusted partner; one that we value very much. They enable us to make decisions that improve our ROI, as well as stay competitive."

1000 Person Broker-Dealer

Chief Information Officer

"Beacon Strategies helped us navigate the treacherous path of platform upgrades in the Financial Services Industry. Their guidance and expertise has saved us countless hours of research and validation of the platform providers in the industry."

500 Person Broker-Dealer

Executive Vice President, Operations & Technology

"Beacon brought deep industry expertise and strategic insight to our work. They helped us take our growth technology to new levels."

130 Person Registered Investment Advisor

Vice President of Sales & Lead Generation

"Beacon was energetic about supporting our technical challenges and were passionate about making a measurable impact in the decision making. They delivered enduring results true to our specific situation while exceeding expectations. They demonstrated a collaborative working style that emphasized trust. Not only did we gain a business relationship, we gained lifelong friendships."

900 Person Broker-Dealer

Vice President of Operations