Bank Program

December 5 - 7

Denver, Colorado

The Ritz Carlton

Our Roundtables are two-day, invitation-only, executive-level retreats that combine expertly facilitated case study-driven discussions with high-level sponsor client success studies. Our goal is to facilitate and lead fresh conversations about the trends in the industry to help both attending firms and sponsors expand innovative thinking and deepen understanding — while creating and solidifying relationships between industry experts and solution providers.


Our program format maximizes both discussion and networking opportunities. We will begin on Wednesday evening the 6thwith a casual dinner in preparation for an intensive all-day roundtable discussion on Thursday, the 7th. Firm-driven case studies on timely topics are presented with moderated open discussion and sharing of common experiences encouraged. We also interweave 10-minute targeted sponsor briefings tailored to the needs/interests of our attendees. On Thursday evening we’ll enjoy dinner out on the town, at French 75—and you are free to leave at any point Friday (or stay through the weekend on your own!)  We will follow-up with the group and publish the “Top 10 Takeaways” for all attendees and sponsors, as well as sharing of complete contact information with all attendees to cement the connections we will make at the event.


You will be our guest for Wednesday and Thursday night, December 6thand 7th, at The Ritz Carleton – Denver. We also cover your flights to and from the meeting. Our draft agenda is included on the next page, which will give you a feel for the flow of your time with us in Denver, CO.

We look forward to your positive response. Feel free to use our signup link or reach out directly to either Meghan or Chip to confirm that you will join us.

Draft: Please note, case study topics and solution providers are subject to change

Case Study#1 – Gartner says that consumers expect 85% of their experience with the companies they work with to be digital by 2020. If digital means relevance, what are the service platform build priorities over the next 24 months and why? What are the greatest “back office” challenges to achieving this future state?

Provider Customer Satisfaction Study: In Progress

Flash Question – TBD

Case Study#2 – Today, digital is front and center, but where does the human relationship fit in? What do bank programs need to do to grow their digital relevance? And, if change does not happen, are Alexa, Siri, and Einstein going to benefit?

Provider Customer Satisfaction Study: In Progress

Flash Question – TBD

Case Study#3 – Financial Planning offers have been a popular “cure-all” over the years, yet adoption rates are low.

How do the idea and construct of planning need to evolve beyond the status quo, especially in light of the middle market’s desire to “one-stop shop” for insurance, investing and cash flow?  Can planning provide a strong value proposition/differentiator for a bank program?

Provider Customer Satisfaction Study: In Progress

Flash Question – TBD


 Case Study #4 – Banks servicing models are morphing. Some firms are experiencing a decentralization of internal vertical service models. Change is omnipresent. How are your financial advisors being impacted by internal servicing model changes?

Provider Customer Satisfaction Study: In Progress

Flash Question – TBD

Case Study #5 – Data, and how it moves, is dynamically changing. What is the next frontier for data “exploitation” in your firm, and how are you preparing to take that journey over the next three to five years? Beyond collaborative vision sharing and road-map communication, what are your expectations for solution providers to support and enable your journey?

Provider Customer Satisfaction Study: In Progress

Breakout Sessions:

  1. In order to maintain and grow relevance, what does the customer investment experience journey map need to look like for the bank program of the future (three years)?
  2. Managing and coordinating solution providers have become more high stakes. Define the optimal process and technology that would streamline solution provider governance for bank programs?

Time Allowing – Case Study #6 – Typically, banks are able to mine 4-6% of their banking customers into investment accounts. Does segmentation increase the ability of your bank to increase mining opportunities and sales? How does technology play in this exercise, especially in achieving the transformation to the lifecycle management of customers?

Provider Context Study: In Progress

Flash Question: TBD governance

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