Strategy & Technology Assessments

1500-Person Broker-Dealer

Built from our in-depth understanding of the enterprise wealth business that allows us to deliver completely unbiased recommendations that our customers use to grow their relevance in an uber-competitive eco-system; alignment of strategy and technology to transform.

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Roadmap Development, Prioritization & Vendor Suggestions

250-Person Broker-Dealer (also 1,200 person BD)

This is a core Beacon service that delivers a three-year prioritized “process and technology” masterplan. The roadmap will build off future state recommendations to create a 360o experience encompassing the prospect/investor – advisor/representative – home office.

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Operational Process Optimization

400-Person Broker-Dealer

The Team designs electronically validated investor, advisor, and operational journey mapping, which weave together process, technology, and data management – all supporting the digitization of sales, operations, compliance, and management workflows.

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RFP/RFI Design & Concierge

1200-Person Broker Dealer

>Clearing/Custody >Managed Investment Platforms >Risk Tolerance
>Books & Records Systems >Compensation Systems >CRM - Wealth
>Customer Onboarding >Compliance/Oversight. >Financial Planning

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Schedule A & Vendor Assessments Plus Next Steps

750-Person Broker Dealer

Our proprietary modeling framework cross-references your firm's volumes and use against the cost models of your partners. Our X-Ray process pinpoints the value your partners' supply and sets the stage for mutually rewarding agreement collaboration. 

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Vendor Management / Learning Management Sleeves

1250-Person Broker Dealer

>Beacon’s proprietary vendor management methodology and platform overlay, which supports SEC & FINRA oversight demands; plus our proprietary Vendor Scorecard.
>Our Learning Management System that supports sleeve education – Information Security

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Coaching & Management Development

Multiple Enterprise Wealth Firms & Solution Providers

You want your firm's key personnel to grow and develop. Yet, the day-to-day workload is busy. Beacon supplies independent industry and professional development mentoring.

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Investor Relevance Design

1300-Person Broker Dealer

Not long ago, the investor experience was not that important – paper-based statements and quarterly performance were enough. Today, the investor expects a digital experience. Our investor journey mapping is designed to meet and exceed the investor client's expectations.

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Specialized Back-Office Resources

1250-Person Broker Dealer

>Compensation Services. >FinOp Services. >WSP Review
>Business Analyst. >Implementation Coaching

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