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Radar – Cyber Risk Mitigation

Assured Information Protection Program (AIPP)

PII and Cybersecurity are critically important topics, front and center with hackers, regulators and everyone in between. RADAR is our Assured Information Protection Program (AIPP).


The RADAR plan of action


An exhaustive, multi-dimensional security assessment of your organization.


A heat-map driven security report with and explanation of findings possible business impact.


A comprehensive list of recommendation and starting points, as well as an implementation roadmaps.


A “SWAT team” approach to implement recommended changes. We work with your CISO, management team and staff to put a firm security plan in place.

Recon Too

Maintenance and periodic testing, as well as ongoing education.

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Why is the SERVICE relevant?

Security reaches far beyond the traditional IT framework, and is considered a bedrock of basic competence. A breach will negatively impact your firm’s reputation and resources.

BENEFITS to the Customer

  • A process based on evolutionary governance.
  • A partner that truly understands your business model and organizational hierarchies.
  • Once threats have been assessed and the roadmap rendered, delivery is in keeping with industry best-practices from beginning to end.

RADAR is designed to mitigate your information security exposure. Want to know why?


“Gentlemen do not read each others’ mail.” 

– Henry Lewis Stimson