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The MSSP:  What are Managed Security Services Providers and Why Do I care?

Tuesday, July 24 2018

The MSSP is the type of service company that assists businesses of all sizes, mainly small to medium size ones, to effectively take control of their cybersecurity operations through outsourcing.  This kind of outsourcing can prove very useful for those firms that have neither the staff nor the expertise to manage it directly themselves.   Given . . . Read More

Starting a Conversation about Blockchain and WealthTech

Monday, July 23 2018

What is blockchain technology? If your answer is Bitcoin, then you need to read the next few paragraphs.  If your answer is distributed ledger technology, and you know what that implies in terms of creating a trusted, single source of truth and eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries than you can probably skip the brief explanation. . . . Read More

Unbridled Behavioral Expectations: The Growth of Customer Service Help Platforms

Monday, July 23 2018

We live in a time of unbridled change. New technologies are cast in warp speed. Innovation is providing us: new ways to communicate; new ways to buy the items we want; new ways to tell people how we feel about the experience we just had with a business; and many more use cases. In short, . . . Read More

The Data Buffet

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Glen Schreitmueller Data of all stripes are turning into quite a tasty buffet in FinTech as a bevy of solutions that are more “TECH” than “FIN” arrive on our plates to consider.  As we complete the spring conference season, we see once low-level operational data quality discussions move to the spotlight as new applications, big . . . Read More

GDPR is Here. Now!

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Ross Leo This much is certain:  GDPR will have both immediate and far-reaching impact on European customer relations.  The question is:  what are you doing about it? GDPR compliance is not an option:  if you do business with persons in the EU, it is mandatory.  Every US business, no matter what size, no matter what . . . Read More