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The Compliance Roundtable – Austin, TX: Top Ten Take-A-Ways

Tuesday, March 6 2018

Top Ten Take-A-Ways Vendor governance and 3rd party vendor due diligence is a significant challenge for wealth management firms. Firms are committing significant resources, with the goal of adhering to the FINRA Cyber Security Practices . . . Read More

DOL Fiduciary Standard: So What?

Friday, January 5 2018

Reality is a strange bedfellow. Last week, April 10th came and went and no fiduciary standard, but the run-up was certainly painful. We saw 18 stressful and hectic months where firms were dramatically changing their . . . Read More

Strategy & Technology: Re-Thinking the Post Fiduciary Business Environment

Friday, January 5 2018

The first in a series of blogs published by Beacon Strategies, LLC that look at the long-term trends within the wealth management industry that we believe need to be better understood from both a business and . . . Read More

Top Ten Takeaways from April’s TechRetreat

Friday, January 5 2018

Most firms are moving forward with their plans to establish a best interest standard of care regardless of the outcome of the DOL rule change. These changes have most often included modifications to their compensation structure . . . Read More

Providing Value in The Emerging Information-On-Demand Environment

Friday, January 5 2018

Beacon Wealth Management Megatrends One of the eight megatrends Beacon has identified as having the greatest impact on Wealth Management is the shift to an Information-On-Demand model; really, the instant fulfillment of information and transaction . . . Read More