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Industry Trends to Automation

Monday, September 9 2019

Recently, I was with a senior person at a major FinTech firm and I watched as she showed me the stack of paper that confronted her while opening brokerage accounts at a large Wealth Management firm. She was incredulous when she compared the experiences of clients of FinTech applications with her current onboarding experience, which . . . Read More

Trends for Beacon

Monday, September 9 2019

As vendors who specialize in single product solutions, (such as commissions or supervision) are absorbed into larger organizations that offer a wider array of services and inter-product connectivity, there is a hidden cost: the broker dealer. The vendor subject matter expertise is diminishing, and deployment and development time frames are being elongated. In addition, the . . . Read More

Tapping Potential

Thursday, August 2 2018

Denver: Possibilities Abound. I am pleased to announce that Timothy Vardaman is the newest member of the Beacon Strategies, LLC team. Timothy brings an abundance of knowledge to Beacon on wealth operations. His experience will allow us to broaden our consulting, research and event footprints. Furthermore, his encyclopedic knowledge of the retail and institutional wealth . . . Read More


Tuesday, July 31 2018

Denver: Today is a bittersweet day. Bitter because a colleague, and friend, Glen Schreitmueller is moving on from Beacon. Sweet because Glen is moving on to evolve, manage and develop a software product, which is what he is built to do. The good people at ProTools, LLC & Pacific Financial Group, LLC who have created . . . Read More

Ticker Tape Parade & CUSIPs

Tuesday, July 24 2018

Having earned the perk of an office with windows that opened overlooking Broadway’s Canyon of Heroes, I enjoyed several victory parades and marveled at the outpouring of paper and adoration on the streets of Manhattan known as a ticker tape parade.    Years ago, the confetti literally consisted of discarded lists of stock trades from the . . . Read More