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Soundings—The New Wealth Management Proxy Chapter

Monday, December 9 2019

We are about to see a seismic demographic shift within our industry. Four out of every ten advisors will exit in the next ten years. How are enterprise wealth firms going to retain investors who . . . Read More

The Roundtable Sonoma—Top Ten Takeaways

Wednesday, November 20 2019

1. Enterprise Technology Platforms The buildout of enterprise technology platforms is the trend. Significant work and resources have been spent, but the realization of operational efficiencies are still a work in progress. Among the many . . . Read More

Understanding the Economics of Your Clearing Relationship

Monday, November 4 2019

The race to zero commissions has placed a spotlight on a part of our business that has experienced dramatic change during the last 10 years. In working with firms to help them better understand their . . . Read More

Digital Transformation Roundtable: Top Ten Takeaways

Monday, September 30 2019

  1. Machine Learning / AI What’s the next generation of advice? It will be informed by machine learning to customize the client experience—but we must consider that AI and machine learning are still just . . . Read More

Industry Trends to Automation

Monday, September 9 2019

Recently, I was with a senior person at a major FinTech firm and I watched as she showed me the stack of paper that confronted her while opening brokerage accounts at a large Wealth Management . . . Read More