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Compass – Roadmap Design

Independent, strategic planning process for firms in the wealth management industry


Compass is an essential guide for the development and execution of your firm’s strategic roadmap. It’s a living, breathing document that aligns primary goals with the specific steps with prioritized, actionable recommendations.


Our Deeper, Linear Approach


What is your vision and what does success look like?


Who are the players, including management, staff and customers?


What’s good and where are the gaps?


How does the system currently work (audit, budget, adoption, data, education, etc.)?


How are decisions made, measured and executed?

 Beacon Strategies Compass graphic

Why is the SERVICE vital to you?

Wealth industry firms are fighting for relevance. Compass will deliver a succinct, thoughtful, prioritized and (most importantly) actionable plan to ensure your firm’s success.

Critical BENEFITS to the Customer

  • An independent, unbiased perspective your firm currently.
  • An independent, unbiased roadmap of necessary steps to execute your vision.
  • An action plan for keeping—and increasing—your firm’s competitiveness.

Compass is your plan. Ask us how we can help you put it together.


“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Yogi Berra