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July 31, 2018


Denver: Today is a bittersweet day. Bitter because a colleague, and friend, Glen Schreitmueller is moving on from Beacon. Sweet because Glen is moving on to evolve, manage and develop a software product, which is what he is built to do. The good people at ProTools, LLC & Pacific Financial Group, LLC who have created the RiskPro Tool are fortunate to have him.

Glen’s many contributions to Beacon have been appreciated and have made us better. One of the finest financial services minds I have come across, his thoughtful approach and direct communication have helped the customers he has worked with at Beacon evolve their thinking and improve their servicing abilities in both process development and technology choice. Under his oversight, our RFI/RFP program has matured. His presence with customers, partners, and attendees at our events offered enriched perspectives that supplied them plenty of ah-ha thinking.

When you travel 30 plus weeks a year with someone, you get to know them well. Glen is a fabulous person who has always been generous with his knowledge and genuinely excited to both teach and learn. He will be missed by myself, and the team. We were blessed to have him as a team member. Personally, I am better for having had him as my wingman, all while he yelled “phrasing.” Glen, my friend, enjoy the next phase of your journey both personally and professionally.


Chip Kispert
Managing Partner