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Unbridled Behavioral Expectations: The Growth of Customer Service Help Platforms

Monday, July 23 2018

We live in a time of unbridled change. New technologies are cast in warp speed. Innovation is providing us: new ways to communicate; new ways to buy the items we want; new ways to tell . . . Read More

The Data Buffet

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Glen Schreitmueller Data of all stripes are turning into quite a tasty buffet in FinTech as a bevy of solutions that are more “TECH” than “FIN” arrive on our plates to consider.  As we complete . . . Read More

GDPR is Here. Now!

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Ross Leo This much is certain:  GDPR will have both immediate and far-reaching impact on European customer relations.  The question is:  what are you doing about it? GDPR compliance is not an option:  if you . . . Read More

Is the Approach to Vendor Management Too Limited?

Wednesday, May 30 2018

Vendor due diligence is an added burden on retail wealth firms, but it is also a meaningful opportunity. Today, for the majority of retail wealth firms’ vendor due diligence, it’s about filling out a checklist, . . . Read More

The Compliance Roundtable – Austin, TX: Top Ten Take-A-Ways

Tuesday, March 6 2018

Top Ten Take-A-Ways Vendor governance and 3rd party vendor due diligence is a significant challenge for wealth management firms. Firms are committing significant resources, with the goal of adhering to the FINRA Cyber Security Practices . . . Read More