An Automated Marketing Platform that is a Step Ahead for Enterprise Wealth Firms

December 10, 2019


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AdvisorStream is advisor-centric FRESH content marketing that fits into an enterprise wealth firm’s marketing and compliance strategies. AdvisorStream’s automated marketing platform streams original content to advisor’s investor customers that is timely, relevant, and drawn from over 30 respected publications including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes. And The New York Times, to name a few. AdvisorStream automates weekly communication vehicles (email, newsletter, blog, website, social media posts, or advisor portals) with a personal branded Advisor Content Page, far transcending traditional static marketing platforms and toolkits.


The AdvisorStream Dashboard supplies a focused and powerful constantly refreshed window into the article interests of the customer as they click through their individually curated, automatically driven 3rd party and proprietary content. The platform can fine-tune an investor’s content based on their click interests with artificial intelligence, much like my Apple Favorites Playlist. In support of enterprise wealth firms, compliance oversight rules and tools exist in the compliance review process. The curated content can be either pre-approved, based on the compliance procedures of the enterprise wealth firm, or approved after the fact. Firms like MassMutual and Commonwealth are leveraging this tool both for the content and the oversight approval tools available.




Perhaps the greatest benefit when I reviewed AdvisorStream is that the platform supports a clean client experience. So, based on an advisor’s segmentation packaging, all clients enjoy co-branded content that promotes a paywall free and ad-free experience. Fresh content, driven into chosen client communication mediums that are uninhibited by commercial toll gates, with a compliance layer for advisors, sounds like a marketing platform option that is a step ahead.

Firm Branding Example




As a customer’s financial coach, investors expect their advisors to deliver meaningful content that is current and curated to their interests. Expected marketing is no longer only static. Investors expect their advisors to be thought leaders and consistently deliver insight beyond those infrequent knees to knee visits.  We very much like the innovation that AdvisorStream is supplying to their enterprise wealth customers.