AdvicePay: A Streamlined Billing and Payment Platform

December 9, 2019


AdvicePay is on our COOL radar. An electronic billing/payment solution for the financial advice community, AdvicePay streamlines the investor-advisor and advisor-enterprise wealth fee-for-service payment flow headaches. No more paper checks. No more credit card management. My simplistic thinking is AdvicePay is the Venmo for Advisors and their enterprise wealth firms.

Looking at the services that AdvicePay provides advisors and enterprise wealth firms, we see a bridge that eliminates one of the major headaches that exist for advisors and broker-dealers— dealing with the disparate and arcane cash flow challenge of billing and collecting money for services. For enterprise wealth firms, the AdvicePay system has flexible billing, payment processing, embedded e-signature, compliance features, fee calculators, and a customizable client experience. Currently, in use at Cetera, we also see AdvicePay strategically partner with Orion, TD Ameritrade’s Veo, and WealthBox.

Over the years, we have heard enterprise firms and their advisors complain about collecting fees. Advisors want to efficiently bill and collect service fees from customers. Enterprise wealth firms need to bill and collect technology fees and other fees from their advisors. No one wants to manage hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of credit cards. The AdvicePay billing and payment platform delivers the seamless management of billing to advisors and their broker-dealers, with a great deal more scale, elegance, efficiency, and security.

Today’s investor customers expect money movement to happen. So do their advisors. We see AdvicePay being able to help.


Flexible Billing



Bill for One-Time Financial Planning Fees


billing AUM/AUA


Recurring Payments

Establish Recurring Payments Easily


Client Dashboard

AdvicePay’s Client Dashboard

Payment Processing

Escalate Fees Automatically
Escalate Fees Automatically


Handle Client Agreements and Payment Agreements at the Same Time

Handle Client Agreements and Payment Agreements at the Same Time



Fee Calculator

Use a Template or Create Your Own

Fee Calculator


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