Beacon is about...

...helping our customers do what’s right—for themselves, their business and their end-clients. By leveraging our specialized strengths and skill set, we venture far beyond the typical pundit consultancy. We navigate unknown—sometimes difficult—waters with our customers, and help them to find, and stay, the right course for their success; from vision to execution to results.

Setting Course

Chip Kispert founded Beacon Strategies, LLC in 2006. From that point, Beacon has been the unbiased and independent source for those financial service companies looking to evaluate and evolve their firm’s strategy with front, middle and back office needs.

The Beacon Team begins by listening and then enacting a quantitative methodology that bridges the chasm of knowledge and anecdote to deliver a clear, concise roadmaps that effectively position our customers to navigate present and future currents.

Has your team asked these questions?


The Unknown

The Fear

Reason for Asking


How do we compare?

What does the field think about the job we are doing?

Where are we exposed?


Is our strategy aligned with our infrastructure? How do we evolve our platform? What are the table stakes?

How do we move beyond legacy systems? How do we improve our data integrity beyond the spaghetti we have now?

What does our roadmap look like? What 3rd party solutions shall we look at? Who plays nicely with our current partners? How do we best maintain a secure platform? How do we do it on our budget?


Do we really know what FINRA and the SEC are looking for?

Do we have the processes and tools to stay out of the regulators cross-hairs?

How do I get greater transparency into what the field is doing?


Who should we look to partner with?

What is the methodology for making a 3rd party partner decision?

What are the requirements that the providers will be measured and benchmarked against?

Field Personnel

Is my broker-dealer holding my business back?

Are they giving me the tools to effectively grow my business?

What will maximize my practice value now, and when I want to retire?

Our Mission is to:

Supply Unbiased Perspective
Stimulate Critical Discussion
Foster Marketplace Innovation

By integrating knowledge and learning from our three pronged Trident Model:

Our Consulting Process is to:

Beacon Strategies, LLC by the numbers in 2016 . . .


Over $31 Million in Procurement decisions rendered


Built a marketplace database with over 5,000 data points


Over 1,367 pages of proprietary research delivered.


Materially touched over 1,623 industry experts


Spent time with over 284 advisors


Crossed paths with over 237 broker-dealers


Reviewed over 163 Solution Providers using the Beacon RFI Engine


Built 20 business model strategy - infrastructure roadmaps


Hosted 16 round-tables & 3 conferences

The Beacon Team

Multi-industry focus and expertise that brings surprising insights into vertical market-spaces.

“Our vision was, and is, to establish the leading Industry Consulting and Research Group with rich relationships including broker dealers, solutions vendors and clearing firms. Beacon is dedicated exclusively to the broker dealer and advisor channel. Our services cater to firms that are interested in better understanding their industry, peers, and themselves. Our core strengths are to deliver innovative thinking with excellence in industry research, strategic and tactical broker-dealer evolution, marketing and communications support, and business acquisition linking. Our client base ranges from Fortune 1000 companies to modest firms. As a trusted advisor we provided our clients with advances in thought, process and relationships that have added dollars to their bottom lines.”

Chip Kispert

Managing Director

Malcolm Gladwell writes that to be an expert in a one’s field one needs to spend a minimum of 10,000 hours on their craft. Chip Kispert has dedicated over 50,000 hours to absorbing the nuances of the financial institution marketplace.

Having founded Beacon Strategies, LLC in 2006, Chip established the firm to be an independent thought-leadership vessel providing research, consulting and forums for its clients.

Marshall Levin

. . . . . . . . .

Marshall has more than 30 years of strategy & product development experience across the financial services spectrum. He has successfully exploited technology to create significant business opportunities for customers in consumer credit, institutional trading, retail brokerage, securities clearing, and both life and health insurance.

Glen Schreitmueller

. . . . . . . . .

In 2014, Glen brought his 25 years of disruptive product management, technology, sales, and consultative skills to Beacon Strategies. He joins us from Xtiva, where he held successive roles as Vice President of Sales, Service, Operations, and Strategy and delivered an innovative compensation management and reporting platform for financial services companies.

John Sullivan

. . . . . . . . .

John Sullivan is the former editor-in-chief of Investment Advisor magazine and retirement editor of Sullivan is also the former editor of Boomer Market Advisor and Bank Advisor magazines, and has a background in the insurance and investment industries in addition to his journalism roots.

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