Delivering an Independent perspective designed to align strategy, technology, data and see experience

Our FreshLookTM program is an intensive four-day, on-site exercise that will help your leadership team stay abreast of the rapidly changing business environment. It delivers timely, pertinent, objective and practical information specifically designed to engage your team to think beyond day-to-day responsibilities and focus on strategic business issues.

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More than just an answer to “How Are We Doing?”

A satisfaction survey needs to do more than simply answer basic and obvious questions. Beacon’s SONAR Report is a streamlined behavioral assessment profile, which takes less than five minutes to complete, and measures the fit and focus between your advisors and the firm.

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We apply THOUGHT LEADERSHIP gained through our research, consulting engagements, and events to make strategic and tactical recommendations.

Our Customers Are:



Investment Firms

Insurance Companies

Investment Advisors

Solution Providers



Investment Firms

Insurance Companies

Investment Advisors

Solution Providers

Then, We Supply You with . . .

Unbiased Research-Driven Marketplace Knowledge, Perspective, and Actionable Counsel . . .

That helps you take action by having a source for:
• Receiving market intelligence beyond the conference circuit and word -of- mouth,

• Establishing a benchmark,

• Aligning your infrastructure,

• Creating future-state plans that align with your strategy,

• Interaction with industry experts in a collaborative ecosystem.

Chip Kispert

Malcolm Gladwell writes that to be an expert in a one’s field one needs to spend a minimum of 10,000 hours on their craft. Chip Kispert has dedicated over 50,000 hours to absorbing the nuances of the financial institution marketplace.

Having founded Beacon Strategies, LLC in 2006, Chip established the firm to be an independent thought-leadership vessel providing research, consulting and collaborative forums for its clientele. A trusted partner to financial institutions and solution-providers alike, Chip and his team pride themselves on delivering unbiased counsel that helps steer companies to unique destinations.

Whether it is sitting in an advisors office, evaluating a set of processes and supporting technologies, aligning strategy and infrastructure, or delivering presentations on the changing state of the industry, Chip brings a contextual perspective to his thinking. Derived from working with advisors, broker-dealers and solutions companies over 40 weeks a year, as well as hosting a handful of roundtables and an annual conference, Chip has constructed a bounty of source data from which to draw.

Our Mission is to:

Supply Unbiased Perspective
Stimulate Critical Discussion
Dispense Marketplace and Provider Ideas

Through our Trident Model

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